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Appsbd is a team of experienced designers and developers. We have 1500+ customers all over the world using our product and services. We are selling wordpress plugin and custom web application and services. Appsbd have over 20 projects that are very popular to our users.
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Riaz kazi lane, Suttrapur, Bogura


+880 9611 467494

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who we are?

We are the ones who never fear working. Don’t leave any work unfinished. Every job is surveyed and our product is released after completing all the testing steps according to the quality. We never learned to lose. We solve every terrible problem with the team. Our strong allies are our resources and our trust. They are loyal to the company from themselves. APPSBD doesn’t know how to keep a job incomplete.

Our colleagues prioritize time with quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Which we have had a very difficult time achieving. We are happy to say that our customers are supportive enough and understand us. The main goal of APPSBD is to provide our customers with all the products of the highest quality.

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What makes us different?

Our quality software is our first identity that sets us apart from others. The quality of our products has brought us so far that we are remarkable today. The love of the customer and their support is infinite love for us. Of course, behind this is the contribution of the impeccable cost of our partners and thus we are moving forward.

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Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

We never compromise on quality. For a product delivery we always try to use our highest and most valuable resources. After assure the quality, we publish in the market.

Strong Relationships

Strong Relationships

The most important thing is to build a good relationship to move forward, which APPSBD knows how to maintain very well for its clients. Our agents have ability to build a strong bond with our clients.

Passion and Commitment

Passion and Commitment

APPSBD always committed and we know how to keep commitment. Our customers know about our support. And they are always happy and satisfied.

Teamwork and Management

Teamwork and Management

It is our team person’s passion to always work in groups and solve all problems through groups. And we are committed to our team management who always work on the good side of the team.

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Meet with our experts

As we pave the road to the future, our company-leading innovators are driving us every day. Meet some of the experts that makes Appsbd Great.

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Choose A World Class

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We aim to provide you with a pleasant customer service experience and seamless hiring process.

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