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Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your WordPress from Hackers

Are You looking for the Best WordPress security plugins from a hacker to secure your WordPress website? Finally, we have searched and collected the best security plugin for you to protect your Website from Malware and Hackers.

You might be owning an eCommerce website or a blog. Every day thousands of spammers and malicious hackers target your website. By default, WordPress security is very low you need to make it to a high level depending upon your uses.

You might be thinking why do the hackers hack your website?

  • To steal your data from the website database.
  • Building back-links for their website or client.
  • For adding popups ads networks like propeller ads or hilltops. Mostly these are spam, but so many people use this for money-making.
  • Some hackers do this for fun
  • Even so many high profiled companies hired hackers so that their business should continue on the track. Because if nobody will hack their website their company will get closed.

Note – If your Website is continuously getting hacked, please migrate your hosting to some safe and high-quality hosting providers like kinsta or fastcomet. They both have separate teams for Website security, and Hostgator doesn’t provide any security-related help.

Let have the list of Top WordPress Security Plugins To Increase WordPress Security are as follows:-

  1. Sucuri Security
  2. MalCare Security
  3. Wordfence Security
  4. Shield Security
  5. iThemes Security

1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening


Sucuri Security is a well-designated Security Plugin that prevents or fixes hacks that occur on the website eventually. Secure your different websites with this WordPress extension which holds global administration for security supervision of the site. If you are an existing user of WordPress, this extension is free for you. An organized tool for security integrated with essential features that perfectly fit into the prevalent security structure. Complement your security tools to provide advanced enhancement in security.

Sucuri monitors the new installation into the website, including themes, plugins, essential files, and anything else. Enables scanning the source of coding that may be infused externally and detect files. Security Plugin Sucuri also includes the website firewall, optimizing the speed overall.

You can record every change on your Website as Sucuri Security contains an auditing option. Within seconds, you get notified of who logged into the website or trying to do so and are aware you anything else that goes on the site.

Sucuri is known for its high-end quality for protecting websites from hackers and is also known for cleaning malware or hacked website. They are specialized in WordPress security.

Sucuri plugin is free for users. It also has some premium services if you are choosing Sucuri premium service,


  • Malware scanning
  • File change detection.
  • Abondent file notification
  • WordPress Firewall (Premium)
  • Google blacklist Monitoring

Note- we are using Sucuri Premium WordPress firewall for protecting our website

Total number of users – 800,000+ 

Price – Basic-$199.99/yearly,  Pro-$299.99/yearly,  Business-$499.99/yearly


Sucuri Security scanner auditing malware scanner and security hardening WordPress integrity tool detects add and remove files

2. MalCare Security

MalCare Security – Free Malware Scanner, Protection & Security for WordPress

MalCare Security gets access to your website and then establishes vigorous security administration. WordPress’s most reliable Security Plugin allows you to make your site completely safe from hackers. While you install MalCare Security into your website. It allows you to be free from the safety concerns of the site as it tackles such circumstances on its own. A Cloud scanner for deep malware detection is available in this WordPress Extension. Detect the present malware and remove it promptly to continue the hassle-free workflow. Works on automatic malware extraction within just one click. Therefore, it cleanses everything right before anything worse happens to your Websites, such as being blacklisted by Google or prevailing web hosts crashing it.

Elementary Features of MalCare Security –

  • Scan Malware – Search and recognize the malware immediately without interruption in the website’s speed.
  • Remove Malware – Cleanse unlimited hacking by tracing it within less than minutes.
  • Blocking Geographically – While tracing hackers’ location, it enables blocking such visitors that belongings of the exact location to minimize the risk in the future.

Total number of users – 100,000+

Price – Personal-$99/yearly,  Business-$259/yearly,  Developer-$599/yearly


Malcare security free malware scanner protection and security


3. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan


Wordfence Security is the most popular Firewall & Malware Scanner plugin for WordPress, including firewall malware scanning and more. This is going to protect your WordPress website from hackers. In the modern era, it is the most comprehensive WordPress security solution.


  • Wordfence Firewall – Wordfence identifies and stops malicious traffic and is maintained by a large team that is always focused on WordPress security.
  • Blacklist – Wordfence provides a Real-time IP blacklist that blocks all requests from any malicious I.P address and will protect Your Website.
  • A malware scanner provides a malware scanner and blocks requests with malicious content. Malware scanner checks themes core files and plugins for malware, backdoors, malicious redirects, and code injection.
  • Deep integration – It protects your website, enabling deep integration. It does not break encryption, and like a cloud, it can neither be bypassed nor leak your data.
  • Overwriting Check – It repairs files that have changed by overwriting them with the original version it deletes files that don’t belong within the Wordfence interface.
  • Comment Protection checks your content by scanning posts and comments for suspicious content.
  • Limited login attempt – It always protects by enforcing strong passwords and other secure login measures by limiting login attempts.
  • Real-time firewall rule and malware signature get updated via threat defence feed, whereas the free version gets delayed by 30 days.

Total number of user – 4,000,000+


Wordfence Security Firewall and Malware scan WordPress plugin


4. Shield Security

Shield Security – Scanners, Security Hardening, Brute Force Protection & Firewall


Shield Security provides high protection activation to your website that eliminates the risk of a hacker’s attack. A WordPress Security Extension integrated with a simple and smarter security system that anyone can easily use. Utilize the fantastic Plugin features of Shield Security to keep safe your website and streamline your job efficiently without any fear. The security system is governed along with some strategies, including preventing any doubtful actions that occur at the site and curing if any hacking takes place in minutes.

Key Features of Shield Security –

  • It protects the essential elements of WordPress which are attempted for hackings such as essential files, themes, and plugins by originating files fingerprint.
  • Multiple authentication factors options are available for Login, including Google Approver, Email, Backup codes for Login, etc.
  • They contain an AntiBot Detection Element that automatically identifies and blocks the doubtful bots.
  • Enable rules of Firewall security that make your site more secure than ever before.
  • Allow to restrict the number of User logins from the same IP and enable to suspend user account for any unusual actions either manually or automatically.

Total number of users – 60,000+

Price – Shield Support-$59/yearly,  ShieldPro-$79/yearly (1 Site),  ShieldPro Agency-$299/yearly (25 Site)


Shield Security scanners security hardening brute force WP simple firewall


5. iThemes security

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

Ithemes is one of the only free WordPress security plugins that gives you many ways to protect your website. As we know, over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. These sites can easily be targeted for attacks because of weak passwords and obsolete software. It can protect you from brute force attacks. With this tool, you can automatically remove the malware and make your website secure if your website gets hacked.

Most WordPress don’t know that their websites are vulnerable. But this works to lock down WordPress, stop the automated attacks and strengthen user help. With the most advanced features for experienced users, it helps fortify WordPress. iThemes Security has maintained WordPress tools since 2008, like the WordPress plugin.

With having the full range of themes and training, WordPress security provides everything we need to build a WordPress website.


  • Brute force attack prevention – Ithmes protects from brute force attacks by banning the users who used brute force attacks to enter your website.
  • Bots Detection – Ithemes detects bad bots and blocks any vulnerabilities.
  • File Change Detection – If any make a change in the WordPress core file, Ithemes will scan those changes and notify you.
  • More 30+ .htacess protection security is provided by Ithemes. No other plugin provides such a large number of tricks to protect your website
  • This plugin has the functionality to auto-scan your website and altogether remove unknown backdoor and security threads.
  • Removal of timthumb scripts from your website.
  • Provide a firewall that is going to protect you from so many malware security threads

Total number of users – 1,000,000+

Price -Blogger-$69/yearly (1 Site), Small Business-$99/yearly (10 Site), Gold-$149/yearly (Unlimited Site)



iThemes security better wordpress security settings



Finally, it does not end here. There are many other plugins that will keep your WordPress safe. We have highlighted only the best 5 plugins that really do a lot of work and help protect your WordPress.

We are not imposing any plugins on you. We have listed the features of all the plugins. You can check later using the free version of the plugin if you want. You can also contact their support if you want.

So again, this is your full responsibility. You are solely responsible for protecting your WordPress. We can only give you suggestions. And we can highlight which one will be good for whom.

If you have any hesitation or doubt you can contact us directly. We are always interested to hear from you.

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