conversion boosting extensions

5 Conversion Boosting Extensions for WooCommerce, Best Way to Figure Out

Conversion Boosting Extensions

How’s your business looking? Is your revenue where you want it to be? Are you converting enough website visitors into customers? 

Many entrepreneurs are looking for something new to try, something to elevate their business, raise their game, and achieve big revenue growth.

So we’ve compiled this list of nine of the best conversion boosting extensions available for WooCommerce. If a visitor to your website is unsure about finalizing a purchase, these nine extensions can motivate them in different ways to cross the line and complete the transaction.

Is that something you want for your business?

Then take a look at these nine WooCommerce extensions and see if one or two of them might be just the spark you’re looking for. 

1. AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo abandoned cart emails

What can you do to win back lost sales and abandoned carts?

A well-established strategy is to send emails to customers who abandoned their carts and offer them the chance to complete their purchase. Even if you just convert 10% of these customers, that’s money in the bank that you would otherwise never see. 

AutomateWoo makes it possible for you to send abandoned cart emails without having to do any of the work. It happens automatically once the extension is set up. 

AutomateWoo can also create a number of other automated workflows such as credit card expiration notifications, which is particularly useful if your business relies on recurring revenue. You can also create other types of follow-ups, personalized coupons, and more.

But in terms of boosting conversions, the abandoned cart automation allows you to get a process in place that can only increase your revenue. You can’t lose it using this extension, because if you don’t get these people back to finish their purchase, you’ve already lost!

2. Social Proof for WooCommerce

social proof example on a site

Social proof is powerful. When we see other people buying something or doing something, it makes us consider doing it too. It’s called FOMO — fear of missing out.

Have you ever seen the popups that appear in the corner of a website saying that a customer has just purchased an item? That’s what Social Proof for WooCommerce makes possible.

You can enable little popups to appear whenever someone buys a product, adds a product to their cart, or leaves a review. 

You can decide how often these notifications show up, as well as an array of other specifications to make sure your site experience remains strong. You can also disable it on mobile devices where it might be a bit annoying, and you can protect customer privacy and set it to change their names or locations. 

3. Checkout Deal for WooCommerce

special deal shown on the checkout page

Want to reduce cart abandonment? If that’s a big problem in your online store, this extension may be a gold mine. And if you combine it with the Advanced Free Gifts extension, you can increase average order size at the same time. Double trouble.

The Checkout Deal extension basically allows you to offer a coupon right on the checkout page that is extremely time-limited. In other words, you have to buy right now to get the deal. 

For example, you can create a coupon that shows up on the checkout page that says “Buy within the next 5 minutes and save 10%.” 

Yes, you’re losing some profits. But if abandoned carts have been a problem for you, this strategy addresses buyer hesitancy in about the most direct possible way. You’ll make more conversions and have fewer abandoned carts.

4. Smart Coupons

smart coupon process graphic

If you want to start offering more advanced coupons, the Smart Coupons extension is what you want. This is another tried-and-true winner, one of our most popular and highly-reviewed extensions because it’s easy to use and gets results.

You can offer discounts, gift cards, special offers, free giveaways, purchase credits, shareable coupons, and URL-based coupons just about any coupon type or structure you can imagine. 

If coupon extensions could go to school, Smart Coupons would be the instructor. 

5. LiveChat

LiveChat box on a site

Lastly, another conversion inhibitor happens when a customer has questions and can’t find answers. And no one wants to waste time scouring through endless help page forums. 

Offering a live chat service makes it easy for customers to get questions answered and problems solved. This enables you to deliver timely and personal customer service — and good service gets rewarded. Good service is what generates five-star reviews. 

With the LiveChat extension, you can respond when a shopper asks a question, and you can also initiate a chat while they’re browsing your site. 

The LiveChat extension is free from WooCommerce, but you do have to be a LiveChat customer to use it. They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test it out and see if it works for your business.

So that’s nine WooCommerce extensions that can all increase your conversions. Some use deals and discounts. Others make it easier to pay. Others incentivize a purchase in various ways by adding urgency or social proof. 

Take a look through all nine again, and choose a few of these to implement this year and increase your revenue and conversions. 

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