How to Setup Elite Licenser API into Postman? - elite licenser api

How to Setup Elite Licenser API into Postman?

Elite Licenser API

Many people make the mistake of inputting the API of Elite License in Postman. Many people give api_key input of get parameter instead of  body parameter of post request. And then the elite licenser, gives an error, The API key doesn’t have this operation’s permission.

Today we will give you instructions about, How to setup Elite Licenser Api in postman.

Elite Licenser API Setup in Postman

We are now describing how you can add elite licenser API into postman. First you have to collect your key  and value from elite licenser. Then enter in your postman, and if you need to open a new tab of postman then click plus icon of portman tab then you will get a new tab. Now set the method as POST method. 

Now put your Elite End Point link to the url field. Many people’s set key & Value in the params of postman, but we recommend that please put your key value in the Body field of postman. We have added a screenshot below, please see that.

See body has been marked. you have to add all parameter into Body , not in Params

A full API detail link has been given below: View API In Postman OR Full API Documentation

About Elite Licenser

Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin for any types of product licensing. It also manages product updates, auto generates license code, built in Envato licensing verification system, full license control and more. It has full set of API, so you can handle it by other applications as well.

One app handles license of all your products. You can handle any language (PHP, .Net, Java, Android, etc.). Also you can add licensing to more than one WordPress plugin or theme and it can be installed on same WordPress.

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