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What You Should Know Before Learn Javascript Framework? Best Way to Figure Out.

JavaScript is getting huge love and attraction by the developers, and does not seems to stop. One of the reasons behind it is the JavaScript Framework! If you are thinking to get hands-on web development, You can’t skip the JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, and more. With all the hype going around, here are few things that you should surely know, and master before getting the hands of any of the JavaScript Frameworks.

1) Master HTML and CSS

JavaScript frameworks are all about manipulating the static layout of HTML and CSS and to get the things done. So ofcourse, you will have to know HTML and CSS in and out. Know the basic fundamentals of HTML and get hands-on CSS, CSS styling, CSS animations, CSS pseudo-elements, and more.
Also, you should know how to work with a responsive web design that can be using any CSS frameworks or CSS media queries. Thus, before getting to JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks, HTML and CSS are the musts.

2) Core Vanillla JavaScript

You can’t even think off to start with a Javascript framework if your Core JvaScript concepts are not clear. In the end, it is the backbone of any Javascript framework. Thus, make sure to learn and master the basic of JavaScript programming such as,

  • Variables
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Class and Objects
  • JS Arrays
  • And more…

Of course, that’s not it. You can’s miss the concept of DOM(Document Object Model) since that is how we manipulate the HTML and CSS. So, with the JS basics, DOM is a must

3) ES6 – The Modern JavaScript

ES6 refers to version 6 of the ECMA Script programming standard. It is a major enhancement to the JavaScript language and adds many more features intended to make large-scale software development easier. Most of the frameworks rely on ES6 concepts to make the development faster and ofcourse with less code. Below are a few ES6 concepts that you should know,

  • Arrow Functions
  • Spread and Rest operators
  • Map and Filter functions
  • Destruction of array and object
  • Template literals
  • Promises and Async/await
  • And more…

Thus, familiarity with ES6 will be really beneficial to make the learning curve of the Javascript framework easier. Here I would like to put light on the concept of promises and async/await, that you should surely be clear and know who to use them, they play an important role during the development

4) Working with API

Not every time you will have the data to add or maybe fetch or manipulate into your applications. Thus, many times, as a developer you need to work with the third-party APIs to fetch the data and throw it onto the application. Working with API and manipulation (fetch and throwing) data is something that you should know and be clear with.

There are many free APIs out there to practice API handling such as RandomUserMe, or OpenWeatherMap API. One should always know how to read an API so that, one can according to work with it. Thus, to work with API, JavaScript concepts such as promises, async/await, fetch() play an important role.

5) Working with Modules

f you are familiar with JavaScript or Web Development then you must have heard about something called npm. NPM(Node Package Manager) helps us to manage packages and dependencies in our projects. So, while learning a JavaScript framework the knowledge of npm would be really useful. Thus, it makes working with various modules and packages easier. JavaScript modules are files that are used to perform some specific operations that can be added/removed into the main program.

Modules are used to makes our code more re-usable, helps to split functionalities into smaller files that later can be exported or imported. Thus, knowing how to export or import and work with such modules are also really important.

Thus, if you have the above skill set, you are all ready to go with any of the JavaScript frameworks that you wish to. Trust me, once these are done, learning the frameworks will be a cakewalk.

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APPSBD are being managed by skillful innovative developers.The plugins this company produces for WordPress ease the complications to our customers and we have customers all over the world


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